Pending rules and guidelines for admins

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Pending rules and guidelines for admins

Postby PointBlank » Sun Feb 05, 2006 4:48 pm

Admin Guidelines
1 ) Respect ALL players
2 ) No admin abuse that mistreats another player
3 ) No spamming admin text across the screen
4 ) Knifing is done at your own risk! Do not kick anyone who doesn't knife

Kicking Rules
1 ) Issue a warning before kicking any player
2 ) AFKs for more than 1 round may be kicked
3 ) High pingers of 200+ may be kicked

Banning Rules
1 ) Record steamIDs of any player you ban
2 ) Record a demo of any player you ban
3 ) Report Player's name, steamID, and demo (if provided) in the Bans section
4 ) Racial slurs are NOT TOLERATED! Perm bans may be issued upon your discrepency.

Disputing a ban
1 ) Demos must be reviewed and agreed upon by a majority of the -|tU|- members to decide if a ban is necessary

Suspicious Players
1 ) If suspicious about a player's gameplay, record a demo and capture their steamID.
2 ) If still doubtful, issue a temp ban of 30-60 minutes to allow time to discuss the situation with other -|tU|- members.

**NOTE: These rules can be changed if necessary**
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