If you want to be in tU read here!

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If you want to be in tU read here!

Postby PointBlank » Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:32 pm

Interested in joining?
For those of you who always ask to be in -|tU|- read further:

1) -|tU|- is invite only!
-THIS MEANS: You will only be able to join the clan if WE ask YOU to join. Make sense?

2) No begging!
-THIS MEANS: Do not ask for such things as tryouts or polls for you to join. Your comments will be disregarded and ignored; most likely you will not even be considered for joining the team if you persist.

That does not mean that we are not interested in new recruits/members for team.

Evaluating Players
When evaluating a possible recruit we look for the following (in order of importance):

1. Amazing skill: regarding aim and strafing
2. The ability to kill other players efficiently
3. Can handle hard competition
4. Good personality; compatibility with tU members
5. Have fun

Getting Noticed
-|tU|- members are constantly watching for players who respect the game of SK. If you want to get noticed by us in a good way do the following things:

1) Play on the server!
The only way you are going to get recognized is if you play on the server. When you play, try to play with ONE constant name. Otherwise, how are we going to remember you the next time you play? Your ranking in the server means nothing, and is not a determining factor of your skill level. Your skill is determined by a number of factors (aim, strafing, ability to beat competition, etc). If your skill is not that great, no worries. Everyone starts somewhere. Just keep practicing and your skill will improve.

2. Respect everyone!
This goes for every player, regardless if it is an admin or not. The more you open your mouth to bash people, the more others are going to view you in a negative way (including tU members). Generally, good players keep their mouth closed and just have fun playing the game. This also brings up the topic of racism and prejudice. tU have NO TOLERANCE for this type of attitude. The server is full of different genders, age groups, and ethnicities. The more you talk, the better the chance something you say may offend someone. Lastly, be careful who you bad mouth because it may very well be an admin undercover. Just because an admin isn't wearing the clan tag doesn't mean you can break the server rules. If you do know that an admin is playing under an alias, and they do not want their name revealed for any reason, please respect their wishes and leave them alone.

3. Read the server rules!
It is understood that many players do not read the server rules when they enter a server (due to their rush to play the game). However, this does not excuse someone from breaking the rules. They are posted in THREE different areas (The server, the website, and the forums). It's your job as a player to read the rules and respect them- not for us to remind you of the rules after you break them.

*NOTE* -- In simple terms, racism will be defined as the hatred or intolerance of another race; or the belief that one race is superior over another race. This includes the word(s): N*gger, w*gger, jew, etc. (or any form of these words used in a derogatory manner)

4. Promote fair play!
There are several things that fall under this category. For instance, the obvious one is no cheating/hacking (if someone is hacking please report their steamID and a demo to the ban section of the forums). Another problem that is very common is the issue of team stackage. If you notice one team becoming lop-sided or "stacked" and the other team is losing every round, be the bigger person and switch teams to help the other team out. tU members respect a player who helps the losing side or can turn it into the winning team.


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